Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Going, Going . . .

It's almost over, where did it go?

My friend Sandy has been after me about creating a blog. In my Close To My Heart newsletters, I try to share a little bit about me with my friends and do so with a smile. Even the worst of times can be better if I make someone smile.

This year has brought a big change to our liveswith the biggest being my retirement. This is due to Fibromyalgia and moderate to severe osteoarthritis. Mainly in my knees and throacic spine area. A fancy name for the spine thing is Spondylitis--I can't spell it let alone pronounce it. To me it's a big long name for backache! At some time in my life I've also broken my coccyx. I can even pronounce this one but the common name is much easier--tailbone. Part of this employment change is I have to budget and it is the pits!

When I'm hurting, I try some different things. Scrapbooking and rubber stamping are right up there at the top of my list. I also use this time to thank God for my knees hurting--the pain reminds me that I have knees for which I'm thankful. Then I also go on to ask His blessings on my friends with similar disorders. There are days when these tactics help. Occasionally there are times when I just have to focus on, "this will go away."

So here I sit with my Weird Weiners (2 tweeny doxies beside me), my husband in the chair next to mine, my granddaughter (LOVE my Sambones--she helps, is fun, and I can't get enough of her!) asleep on the couch, her friend next to her, and my old girl--Daisy Dog on her bed next to the TV. They're all watching CSI Miami and I on the computer. Nighttime is my computer time.

Thursday I have my friends coming over for a playday--this is a time to share my knowledge of stamping and scrapbooking with them. I will be working on project samples tomorrow. I look forward to these days of fun, laughter, and visiting.
One of my goals for 2011 is to post more regularly to this blog. Hey, maybe I will learn what I'm doing . . . won't that be something!