Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Am I actually able to post something??? Let's Try a Tommy WOTG Main Layout

Hey all, I think I'm back. I haven't been able to post anything in months as you can see. There is something with Google that since I had a Verizon account when I set it up, even though I changed, to Gmail (a google product), I can't change my blog to a gmail address. so all this time It hasn't been letting me sign on. Tonight, I have been futzing with it for an hour and got online. I am hoping it works . . . We'll see?!?!?!?!

  1. When you stamp the tiny little flag banner, across the top--stamp it on your scrap paper first to get a feel for it. I didn't and messed it up near the center. This one is too small to mess with trying to see through the block to get it exactly in the right spot to fix a misstamp.
  2. You may want to cut your square instead of using Cricut to cut them. I'm NOT a huge Cricut fan. It is good for some things, but not everything. Evelyn is like a mother to me so when I make a layout, I cut pieces of her supplies and get a layout ready for her to put together. We tease her and say the "stamp fairy" came by! Anyway the "stamp fairy" found it easier to just cut the square and clip the corners with the edge of a circle punch or a Stampin Up corner punch that makes this same design.
  3. CTMH had us cut a thin strip of red paper for a "ribbon" for the tag. I used red ribbon instead and then needed to pop-up my tag; it didn't work flat.
  4. See the two "arrows" made out of the striped paper? I don't always follow the cutting directions but did time because CTMH shows us how to cut the paper to make these arrows. It is super easy and they look great!
  5. Don't freak out when your white stamped image doesn't quite fit on the Cranberry Cardstock. It works when you continue with the following steps, so don't do like I did and smush the edges.
  6. My friend Candice gets and saves advertisements where ever she goes and uses them to make great layouts. When we went to Hawaii in November 2012, I copied her and even had my husband help. On this layout, the left page title is from a coupon and the journaling in the Outdoor Denim Square is the definition of the term, also from that coupon. Down at the bottom, I included some trivia about Hilo from one of the sheets we received on the ship. On the right page, on the square with the flags, I affixed two strips cut off of the Macadamia nut box about when the first macadamia nut tree was planted. So most of my journaling was taken care of with trivia about Hilo. When I am finished with all of my Hilo layouts, I will have my husband make some notes and I will make some on both of our highlights, adding tidbits for which I didn't have room.
Products Used:                                                        Discontinued Products Used:
G1058 Tommy WOTG                                                 Cranberry Bigger Brads
Exclusive Inks Stamp Pads                                          Mini Gold Brads (I put 1 where ea
    Z2118 Desert Sand                                                        stamped mini-banner section
    Z2140 Outdoor Denim                                                    met, across the top.) 
Z697 Sponge                                                               Cranberry Grosgrain
Z1114 Piercing Tool Kit                                               Other Products Used:      
Z1151 3-D Foam Tape                                                 Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue®
Z1471 Ruler (grids help make layouts even)                 Stampin Up Corner Clip punch
Z1836 Non-Stick Micro Tip Scissors                              Cricut Expression**
Z1686 Cricut Art Philosophy Collection
NOTE ON CRICUT EXPRESSION: For those interested, you can still get the Cricut Expression on (Click on "Expression" up above, under Products Used.) The Expression 2 is the new one with the printout and stylus that I've been told is  NOT user friendly.  As of 6:47 p.m. on 5/28, this link showed that they had 13 new from $145.00 14 used from $125.00 and 2 refurbished from $159.99. Seems odd that the refurbished is more expensive than a new one.