Friday, March 11, 2011

Where's Mary???

I'm MIA!!!

A few weeks ago, Sam, who was on crutches at the time, got tangled in my laptop cord and down it went. The screen broke. To say I'm anxiously awaiting word on whether or not it is going to be repaired or replaced under my extended warranty is an understatement. I so miss my computer. I'm very thankful to Karine for loaning me one of her old laptops. I can at least communicate. I did take some pictures, but couldn't figure out how to get them from the camera to the computer so i won't be able to post any new artwork until my computer is back. So sorry. I do have some good ones ready to post.

Last weekend I spent the weekend at Candice's house, Karine also joined us. I got 4 pages done, 2 are just great. I haven't done much else this week but shuffle papers and add things up here at the house. Ray and I did pass out the campaign 7 Avon books. If you like Anew products, there are some great sales going on in this campaign. I'm hooked on the stuff after seeing some of the brown sun spots slowly disappearing from my super sensitive skin and it's not tearing my skin up. I love it!

My exciting house news is while I was away, Ray almost got the floors finished in our bedroom--no more carpet! Sam's room is the only room left and we will be carpet free again. Off and on I have talked about how nice it would be to have a laundry chute. Our bedrooms are on the top level, living rooms on ground level, and garage with laundry are on lowest level. My laundry chute will soon be reality; I was told today that he has "the hard work done." I'm so excited.

With bad knees, I don't do stairs well. We have a chair lift inside, but not going down to the garage. Normally I just open the door to that area and pitch clothes down. Then I won't go down those stairs for fear of tripping. Now they will go straight from my closet into a laundry basket right by the washer/dryer. He doesn't know it next, but I've already started talkng about a dumb waiter to get clean clothes back upstairs without waiting for him to bring them up. ;-)

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