Saturday, April 9, 2011

Product Review: Scotch Pink Advanced Tape Glider

Like paper trimmers, I've always been on a quest to find a better adhesive. I now have one. I have gone through so many types over the years that it is crazy. I hate tombows and glue sticks because after a short while, your creations pieces fall apart. In heat, even Glue Dots won't stick. I cannot tell you how many envies I have opened and had pieces fall out that weren't confetti. One friend doesn't like refilling her tape runners all the time. Another doesn't like throwing away handfuls of plastics from refills or even nonrefillable adhesive dispensers after a few good days of cropping.

Have you seen the big yellow or pink tape runners? The difference is the pink is the cheapest and just uses 1/4" tape. The other one also uses 1/4" and 1/2" tape.

I have looked at them for years. My friend (Sandy) uses one of original ones. Every time we'd get together I would watch her, ask questions, and contemplate that big tape "thing."
Last summer, I bought one and LOVE it! I thought it would be hard to adjust to the size--not so. It took just a little bit to get used to and it is well worth the small effort. The adhesive sticks like crazy, you're not refilling every other hour, and they generally don't jam. I have found, and Teresa has too, that at one point past halfway sometimes starts rolling off the application wheel or not winding--weird stuff. I just tear off  and throw out the used tape, rewind it and it works fine through the end. I think it just gets too much used tape on disposable side. Speaking of which, the only thing you throw out is one little spool, like the one you throw out when you throw use up a roll of scotch tape from a dispencer.
The best part is the cost of refills. With a Michaels coupon, they're $5-6 for two rolls. Each roll contains 36 YARDS of adhesive. You can scrap or stamp a lot with that much adhesive. An extra feature is that when you're in the heat of creating and things are everywhere, you don't lose your adhesive; it's always easy to be found.
Since I got mine, Candice, Charlotte, Kairne, and Teresa have taken the plunge; they're all happy too. Last month at Sue's, Teresa Learned that, because the tape head is not covered, you have to watch where you put it or it can break in transport. It's easy to rethread though--even I can do it. (You think I'm joking--I'm not. I used to have Karine refill my Hermafix Dottos. I finally got fed up with it and gave it and the refills to her.
Karine found the ATG's cheapest (with $2.95 shipping) at It's a great product

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  1. Thanks for the review! I too get frustrated with adhesives that don't stick, so your review is really encouraging me to try this one. Thanks!