Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have had so much happening since I last wrote. If it can go wrong, it has.

I lost my little dog Quincy Jefferson. The silly guy had an eating disorder. He loved eating and ate mouse poison. Contrary to what you read on the web, Yes peroxide will make them throw up and Vitamin K is to stop bleeding, but this does not work--get your dog to the vet yesterday and I pray it works. For us, it wouldn't have mattered had we taken him right after he ingetsted the stuff. He just ate too much. I miss him terribly.

I received so many nice cards from friends who know how much our pets mean to us. This card and plant were from Danica because the plant had spots like Quincy. The beautiful roses were from my friend Eilene.

Being a Christian, part of the problem is the Bible doesn't specifically tell us that we will be reunited with our pets. But as my friend Jo told me one day. She canot believe that a Loving Father would not have her pets there waiting for her knowing how much they mean to her. That made me feel a lot better! Plus, I sometimes think they're little angels here on earth. They seem to make you laugh at just the right time.

Worse still, my very dear friend from high school, Valerie McCain-Field passed away. I can take pleasure in knowing that she is in Heaven and I will see her again. In fact, she LOVED Quincy and that dog looked out for her, I kind of wonder if maybe God took Quincy to meet Val. If that's the case, it makes me feel even better about Q. Valerie suffered a rare, dreadful disease, CNS Vasculitus. I am thankful that she is no longer suffering, but sad that I will miss her for awhile. For now--get that big stamping table read for us all Val, we'll join you soon!

My own health has been frustrating. My thyroid has been out of control and the doctor has just recetly gotten that medication right. Next one of tthe great pain medications still works for the pain, but has been sending me to la-la land where I can easily sleep 16-18 hours a day. There is no energy. I have a fantastic team of doctors and while this won't kill me, it sure frustrates me! Plus our cooler-than-normal weather is not my friend. I hate this factor because the cool weather is so much easier for Ray, who works outside a good portion of the time. Please say a little prayer that the doctors find the magic combo that sends the fibro monster back into it's cave again.

We do have a happy, new addition to our family. I knew Quincy added life to our household, I just never realized how much. He would run around this house and play with Lucy and then come over to me like a kid for a hug and some playing/petting time from me, then get down and go on playing with Lucy or take a nap. Without him here, Lucy stuck to me like glue. She didn't want to leave my side, didn't play; even my old girl Daisy didn't play and stuck pretty close to me. Ray and I knew we needed another furbaby for our home. He found him! In mid April, we adopted Sir Rusty Wiggles Dude!

Here is is with me at the shelter.

Barking at a bird on HIS back porch

Nap time with Ray.

Rusty got his name from a combination of places. Rusty from my friend Karine. Ray kept calling him Dude and because we like to give our dogs last names, he got "Dude" tacked on. To give him some authority we initially added "Mr." Rusty Dude. This was at the time of the Royal Wedding (William and Catherine) so Ray changed Mr to Sir. Then I called and told Ray at lunch one day that we had to add wiggles in there since I had never seen a dog wiggle so as him. He gets so excited and loves to be praised that he just wiggles his little 13-lb self all over the place, and that's how Sir Rusty Wiggles Dude got his name and he definitely has found his forever home!

Artwork coming soon--I promise!

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