Monday, July 11, 2011

I have the best friends!

Tomorrow I leave to go to the Close To My Heart Leadership Retreat followed immediately by the annual Convention. It is in nearby Anaheim this year and I am so excited to attend. I will get to see my Upline and her team members who are several states away from me. I should be in my craft room working on swaps and roommate gifts. I cannot wait to get the new Idea Book. The new Idea Books are available on 9/1 and I am compiling my mailing list. If you would like one of your own,  just let me know.

I took a few minutes this morning to work on my poor roses. I haven't trimmed them this year, leaving that to Ray. He just cuts away without regard to where he is cutting. We learned that a timer has been unplugged in the back so he asked me to water a few tomato plants. Our weather has been so hot and humid, it was nice to get out there and trim them in the great weather God has provide us with today. 

I have had a few speed bumps occur lately and had a wonderful weekend with friends. Karine came and spent Friday through Sunday. Candice came and stayed Saturday and all day Sunday. Eilene and Teresa came on Saturday. Karine lead us in making a fantastic project. I will post mine after it is finished. But these ladies were fantastic to occupy my mind and cheer me up. Ray enjoyed all the goodies we had around the house and me not watching his diet. Thanks for the laughter, chats, and fun ladies.

My other news is I have joined a Blog Hop. I used to participate in lots of swaps, but time and the expense of mailing them back and forth have stopped that fun. I miss the creative challenges they bring. The Blog Hop brings just that without the time of having to make lots of items and I don't have to mail my finished projects anywhere. Be sure to check back on July 15; my first posting goes live at midnight.

OopsI hear the dryer calling me!

Until then, I will try to post some sneak peaks from convention. 

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