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For my August Playday we used the Sweetheart Workshop on the Go kit and Made a 2 page layout and our calendar page.  I pretty much made the layout just like it was in the pattern except that I used more photos. When a pattern says to use say a 9 x 9 photo, I just fill photos in to fit a 9 x 9 inch space. You also see that while Sweetheart is more love/valentines oriented, I love scrapbooking my granddaughter and what better way to celebrate her and her friends. I also added a journaling block from the now discontinued Sophia Jounaling blocks. It isn't an exact match, but good enough. 

I stamped my letters with Black ink, but the I used Grey Wool for the swirls on my paper. I thought the Black would be just a bit too overpowering. The directions also called to stamp the pennants in alternating fist and second generation Cotton Candy ink. Instead of second generation, we used Baby Pink. It too is close enough and saves time, getting just the right inking that you can't always get with second generation stamping. 

One thing that you cannot see is how I identified the people in my photos. Our Red, Pink Purple Sparkle Assortment just happens to come with 3 different colors of gemstones and I needed to identify people in 3 different photos. So on each of the photos on the left page, I put a gemstone. Then on the right page, I put the same colored gemstone on the bottom of my journaling square and identified the people in that photo. It is subtle, but works. There are two photos of my granddaughter and one of her girlfriends. Those photos each got the same colored gemstone because it is the same girl. I was thrilled that it worked out so well! Of course I had to add more bling to the butterfly and put 3 on on his body and one for his head.

The little white dots are liquid applique. They're a different effect, but I don't know that I like using them on scrapbook pages. They tend to burn quite easily. If you saw this up close and i pointed it out to you, you could see burn marks on my paper. I'm so glad I didn't have it near my photos! I had Liquid Applique out for the ladies to try, but suggested that they may like adding sparkles, pearls, or brads better.

Materials Used
G1017 Sweetheart WOTG
E1018 Pennant Alphabet My Acrylix Stamp Set
Z1386 Sweetheart Level 2 Assortment
Z1326 Sparkles, Red, Pink, Purple Assortment
Z108 Liquid Applique
Exclusive Inks Stamp Pads
   Z2102 Baby Pink   Z2105  Black   Z2125 Grey Wool    Z2190 Gypsy   Z2193 Cotton Candy
Z697 Sponge
Z1151 3-D Foam Tape
Z534 MicroTip Scissors

Our next project was our calendar page. I used the left page of the "Silver Screen" pattern on pages 20 and 21 of Cherish. Honestly, we have the best pattern books. They are designed so you can turn the pattern around any way and have 4 layouts out of one pattern. Flip the pages and turn them differently and you have even more. Each pattern not only gives you dimensions, but also then has you label you the pieces as you cut and you build you layouts with your "a-b-c" pieces; so simple! I always leave the book open because once completed, the final product looks different from the book.

Here I used the back sides of the paper from the Sweetheart Kit. This kit is discontinued, but as of today, I checked and it is available online. If you want it--go order it now! I added Gypsy paper to go with the Background and Texture Paper. People could choose between Pink or white grosgrain ribbon and like the layout above, they can choose they're own title. We added Waxy Flax to the buttons; I think I had some old Amethyst left over that went perfect. I used some metal-rimmed tags for the lower butterfly which was inked first in Cotton Candy and then the body rolled in Gypsy before stamping. You can't tell here, but I put Liquid Glass on this butterfly's "heart" and sprinkled it with Prisma Glitter. The stitching is an old stamp set C1234 Simple Stitches; this is one set I will never part with--no stitching for me when I can stamp! There is a Bitty Sparkle in the lightly sponged little butterfly on the right.

The calendar is so easy. You can make your pages, put them on the calendar, and then after the year is over, use some Undu to take them off and put your pages in a book. You add your own months, days, and decorations to the calendar too. It is spiral bound and a deal at $7.95. I already stuck my page in the calendar before taking the picture so you can see the spiral at the bottom of this photos.

Materials Used
G1017 Sweetheart Workshop on the Go
X5916 Purple Cardstock Shades Pack
Z1030 12 x 12 Monthly Calendar
My Acrylix Stamp Sets:
   E1013 Field Trip Alphabet
   C1234 Simple Stitches
Z1370 Pink Buttons
Z1263 Clear Bitty Sparkles
Z679 Liquid Glass
Z134 Prisma Glitter
Z1463 Just Blooms Flutter Paper Shapes
Exclusive Inks Stamp Pads:  Z2190 Gypsy   Z2193 Cotton Candy
Z697 Sponge
Z1151 3-D Foam Tape
Z534 MicroTip Scissors
Pink Grograin Ribbon
Amethyst Waxy Flax

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