Monday, September 12, 2011

Product Review: Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer

I am a paper trimmer fanatic. At home, I have a GENESIS TRIMMER, they're handmade and I waited 8 months to get it. They're also an investment. I have never regretted that purchase. But haven't been so lucky finding a portable paper trimmer. I have bought a bunch of them, some have been so bad they just go straight to the trash, not even on to anyone else. My friend Karine is right up there with me. The two of us could probably go on a nice little trip somewhere with all the paper trimmers that we've bought and haven't liked.

We want a trimmer that works well, cuts straight--on cardstock and vellum, doesn't fall apart all the time, doesn't break when you drop it, and doesn't take an engineering degree to operate. Not too much to ask. I've been so pleased with my Martha Stewart Punches, that I decided to look at the MARTHA STEWART PAPER TRIMMER. I went to Michaels and actually took it out of the package right in the store to investigate further. I immediately told Karine I may have found one and had to wait til I got a coupon to get it. She had a coupon, bought it and liked it so I got one too. I even had a 50% off coupon on Martha Stewart products and some money left on a gift card from my Sister-in-law Sherry--Thanks Sherry!

The verdict: I do like it! In addition to the above requirements, it has a storage compartment underneath where you can store your embossing and cutting blades--no more searching for lost blades! Most trimmers have a swing arm that pulls out so you can cut your 12x12" papers, this has a slide out tray of sorts; you get measurements from both the top and bottom, not just one side. From what I have read this is good for both left- and right-handed individuals.

There is a magnifying glass on the sliding part that covers the measurements; a help for my aging eyes! Another feature I like is with the blades. I worry about throwing sharp things, like old blades, away. No worries here. In the photo below, see those little round things, those are actually covers.

Once you set your blade in the trimmer, the cover SLIDES off--don't pull it off, slide it off.  Put it in the back storage compartment and save the cover until you are ready to throw the blade away. When the time comes, slide the cover back on your used blade and when you throw it out, nobody gets hurt by it poking through a bag.

While it is still new, after YEARS and YEARS of searching, I think I have finally found my favorite portable paper trimmer!

NOTE: If you read this when I post it, the Paper Trimmer and the MARTHA STEWART SCORING BOARD & ENVELOPE TOOL, (another great product) are both on special at Michaels as their Deal of the Day for 50% off on 9/13/2011. You cannot beat that price!

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