Monday, June 27, 2011

Karine's Boyfriend

Karine is one of my "God-Friends." These are friends whom God has placed in my life for a special reason. I sold her the first set of stamps she bought on Ebay. She was so nice I thought for sure the sale wasn't going to go through. It did and I remember thinking I wish there were more people that nice in the world. Then later on, we met in person through an online Magenta Yahoo Group in which we both participated. At the time we were about 100 miles apart, one way. How likely is it that our paths would cross, not once, but twice under different circumstances?

Years, laughter, and tears later, we are now friends for life and beyond. We try to see each other as often as possible and have helped each other many times since our friendship finally clicked.  Now, we're only about 75 miles apart--hey every mile counts! When she first came over after I got Rusty, he was smarter than me and hooked up with her instantly; Karine was partial to him too. With both of them, what's not to love! So the last time she was here, he knew her the minute she came in the door and just started wiggling all over and could hardly wait for her to sit down and pet him. Of course, like Quincy before him and Lucy Belle, he is welcome at the scrap table and had to sit in Karine's lap while she worked.

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